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Mum's Hats

Mum's hats are made in Australia from 100% cotton fabric which has been pre-washed in hot water (min 60 degrees c) and dried in a tumble drier. This is to pre-shrink and colour-set the fabrics.

On the site you will be able to choose from three basic styles. I have made quite a few different ones but have found these to be the most comfortable and durable. These styles also allow for the most adjustment in their design so they will fit almost everyone. To choose a hat, click on the fabric image on the Hat Shop page and there you can choose your style. You can also include a note about any alterations you would like me to make, such as mix and match fabrics to create your own masterpiece!

If you would like a different style hat, please contact me at and we can discuss other possibilities. I have included some pics of custom hats below for some inspiration :)

Short Hair/Mens Style Hats

The tie backs on Mum's hats are not ribbon or tape added to the hat. They are made from the same fabric as the hats, double thickness for strength and top stitched around the edges to make them much more durable and stronger. The ties on the short hair hats are an extension of the band.

Medium Hair/Womens Style Hats

The newest addition to the family, the intermediate hat was added to the range after several requests from people who wanted a fuller hat than the short hair hat but without the extra fabric at the back. The design is much like the short hair hat but a larger coverage for medium to long hair and has a turn up band  which, combined with the tie-up back, allows a little more size adjustment.

Long Hair/Ladies Style Hats

The long hair hats have the ties  captured in a casing on the band.

Don't be alarmed when you unpackage your hat. They look huge until they are adjusted. To begin the adjustment, hold the hat loosely at point A and pull the ties through the casing. Your hat is now small enough to tie to your head but roomy enough to allow for your pony tail or long hair.

Custom Design / Mixing Fabrics

Your chosen fabric can be mixed and matched with any of our plain fabrics to create your own personal look for no extra cost. If you'd like to mix fabrics, there's a place on the order page for you to tell me what you'd like. Please include which part of the hat (band or crown) you'd like in which fabrics.


Special custom hats (like the Wonderwoman hat pictured above) and other non-standard orders can be arranged by email. 

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